To Read or Not to Read

The Little French Bistro

The Little French Bistro by Nina George 3 ☆’s

Thank you to Crown Publishing for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions in this blog are mine.

This novel was great to help me get back into the swing of reading. I have been on a hiatus due to moving. This book pulled me out of that, and it was a fantastic book for that. I would highly recommend this book if you are in a reading slump; it’ll be sure to pull you out of it. It’s an easy read that doesn’t require too much thought.

This book is about Marianne and finding oneself. At sixty, Marianne is finally ready to live for herself. She takes extreme measures, but eventually, she is able to learn what it’s like to live for herself. This book is all about discovery, and what it’s like to not know who you are as a person. It is set on the coast of France, and made me long to go and visit. The scenery is picturesque, the food sounds delectable, and the characters are intriguing.

The thing that I didn’t like about this book was how it was so jumpy. The chapters jumped from different characters point-of-view with no rhyme or reason. Some characters weren’t introduced properly, and I was left wondering who they were, and where they came in at.  Eventually, I figured it out, but I shouldn’t have to be left in such confusion to help get characters that add depth to the plot.

Overall, I enjoyed this quick read. It has made me want to go and discover a little town on the coast of France. The descriptions of the scenes were wonderful, which made it easy to put me in France this afternoon. I will try her other book that became popular last year the next time I am caught up on my TBR list and am looking for a quick, fun read.


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