To Read or Not to Read

Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy

Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy: Making Room for Your Soul in an Overcrowded Life by Nicole Johnson 3 ☆’s

Thank you to Zondervan publishing for providing me with a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

I was lured by the synopsis of this book because anytime I am asked how things are going, I respond with crazy. I was hoping that this book would help direct me to the Bible, and if there was something there to help me discover the secret to not living a crazy life.

This book does give good advice and tips on how to create calm in yourself and in the family. All the advice and tips are more counseling based than biblical. There were some scriptures that backed up her advice, and they were presented occasionally but not enough. I think that her advice for creating calm is good. It was nice to be reminded of having boundaries, not only with others, but with the things that we distract ourselves with a lot.

I enjoyed parts two and three of this novel. Part one seemed like it was irrelevant. I was confused during this time as to why we needed, as readers, to know the information that was presented. I feel like it could’ve been summed up in a chapter or prologue. Parts two and three could’ve made the whole book on it’s own.

I enjoyed Johnson’s writing style and humor. She presents scenarios to show how craziness can look. Her writing is very authentic, and I got to glimpse into her life through this novel. She is psychologically based in her advice, and I understand why she chose to write in that way.

Overall, it was a decent read. It had good points on how to create calm in yourself and in your family. It just lacked the spiritual wisdom that I was hoping would be there.


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