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Where We Belong

Where We Belong by Lynn Austin 5/5 ☆’s

Thank you to Bethany House Publishers and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this blog are my own.

Rebecca and Flora are unlike other women of their time. They take adventures and want more for their life than what is expected for a late nineteenth-century woman. As they find themselves in a sandstorm, they reflect on what God has done in their lives to lead them to this moment.

This book, though it’s fiction, has so much wonderful Biblical truth and wisdom embedded in the pages. As the journey of the sisters, past and present, moves through this story, the reader is able to see God at work. Austin doesn’t shy away from the gospel, and makes sure it’s woven into the story, without being so strong that it could make some non-believers shy away from its pages.

I really enjoyed how Austin portrayed the characters as having strong faith and the love of God in their lives. She has created a wonderful book that shows the Gospel alive and active. She makes the characters live the life of a true believer. In almost every chapter, we hear of God’s love, grace, and forgiveness.

This book is refreshing for the soul. The wisdom in it is wonderful, and there is much to learn from how these characters live their lives. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is a believer, or is contemplating the Christian faith. Austin makes the characters lovable and the plot adventurous. This book comes out on October 3, 2017, and I highly suggest anyone who loves historical fiction or reading about God’s goodness to go and pre-order this book now. It’s by far one of my favorite books I have read all year!


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