To Read or Not to Read

Your Dream. God’s Plan.

Your Dream. God’s Plan. Are You Longing for Something More? by Tiffany Smiling with Margot Starbuck 5/5

Thank you to Barbour Publishing for giving me with a free review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

Wow. This novel came to me at the perfect time. In this book, Tiffany takes us, the audience, on a journey through her childhood and shows us how she let God use her, even when everything seemed to be going against her.

Tiffany struggled with childhood cancer. She had a brain tumor. She didn’t let this stop her from seeking God’s will for her life. She said yes to some radical things, and God was there through all of it.

At first, I was weary because I didn’t know the direction the book was going to take. After I got deeper in, I was glad that her childhood struggle was highlighted so much because it helped show that anyone can be used by God if they decide to let Him.

During her mission work, Tiffany shows all the different people she has interacted with. Her story is very inspiring, and she highlights people that may seem ordinary to some, but the work they are doing for the Lord is great. Constantly, Tiffany is challenging the reader to dig into what God has for them. One of the main and consistent messages is, release control and seek Him. It may sound easy, but it’s so incredibly hard sometimes.

This book releases on November 1. I would highly encourage you to pre-order it. It spoke so much to my soul, and I got this book right when I needed it. If you read it, you may just feel the Lord pushing you to say “yes” to something that you’ve been pushing against.


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