To Read or Not to Read

Hometown Girl

Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh 5/5 ☆

Thank you Waterfall Press for the free review copy of this novel. All opinions in this blog are my own.

Everyone can conjure up the image of a small town in their mind. Some may think a population of 10-20 thousand make up a small town. When I imagine a small town, I am taken back to the place I grew up. There may be 5,000 people in the entire county. This novel took me back there, and made me realize that a small town isn’t bad all the way around. She took me ‘home’ in this novel.

Walsh writes this story about a woman so desperate to escape the town for the city, (which I did) that she has harmed herself in the process. This novel is all about discovery; not only of finding yourself but of exploring what it is God has for you.

Walsh draws the reader into her small town by making it picturesque and perfect. She goes to great lengths to help the reader feel like they are in the midwest. I love the contrast she creates with her characters. Each character is their own and no two are the same. She brings depth into the plot by creating the characters this way.

I enjoyed her story telling and writing. She gets the reader involved through the use of conflict, and the struggles presented are so real. Whether it be stubbornness, change, God, relationships, family, or sisters – the issues presented are real and not over dramatic.

This book is out now. So please run and get yourself one. If I haven’t sold you yet, there is some romance tucked in to which helps keep it at a lighter read.


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